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Sending Mail to Inmates

Only the following items will be accepted through the mail for inmates in the facility.
  • Inmates will be allowed only one package per week, whether or not it contains all or part of the following supplies.
  • Letters for inmates containing any following supplies will be considered the inmate's weekly package.
  • Two softbound books or magazines, not consisting of any nudity, semi-nudity, or sexual poses of a sexual nature, gang signs or gang-related photos, books or magazines of guns or weapons of any nature. More than five sheets of copied material will be considered a magazine. Excessive amounts of copied material may be rejected. The Jail Administrator or designee shall determine when written or copied materials are excessive on a case-by-case basis. Twenty postage stamps adhered to twenty envelopes, and no more than twenty sheets of writing paper will be accepted. (Construction paper will not be accepted.)
  • Money orders or cashier's checks only; no cash will be accepted.
  • Inmates are allowed only five photographs in possession per inmate and only five per letter, which are no bigger than 5x7 or smaller. No Polaroid pictures allowed. Only photos of family and friends will be accepted.
  • Books are magazines sent from publishers or book stores will be refused unless approved by the detention officer.
  • All contraband or unacceptable/ excessive items delivered by mail will be impounded as evidence for destruction and disposal.

Items that will not be returned to the sender include but are not limited to the following.
  • Excessive writing paper
  • excessive envelops
  • Unauthorized reading material
  • Inappropriate explicit material
  • Picture, sheets, pens, pencils, and items or similar nature

Rules are subject to change at any time.

Address as follows:

Inmates full name
C/O Oklahoma County Detention Center
201 North Shartel Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102