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The Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority News and Press Releases

05/18/2022 - CLEET Officer Graduates

Chelsie Anderson has graduated from CLEET

The Oklahoma County Detention Center (OCDC) is proud to announce Officer Chelsie Anderson has graduated from the Council on Law Enforcement and Education Training (CLEET).

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05/17/2022 - DO Charged in Detainee Death

DO Charged in Detainee Death

A former Oklahoma County Detention Officer was charged Tuesday following the investigation of a detainee death. Jesse Paul Kight faces charges of destruction or falsification of records and willful neglect of duty stemming from the suicide death of a Gabriel Yalartai on Dec. 26, 2021.

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05/13/2022 - Detainee Death

Eddie Garcia (DOB 11/26/1996)

At 2 a.m. Friday, May 13, 2022, Oklahoma County Detention Center employees discovered a detainee named Eddie Garcia nonresponsive in his cell.

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05/10/2022 - OCDC Signs Contract With Lexipol

New Policy Contract

Recently, the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority contracted to develop a new policy manual with the assistance of Lexipol, the nation's leading content, policy, and training platform for corrections agencies. The new policies will help OCDC staff enhance response to challenging situations, operating in accordance with federal and state laws and best practices.

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05/05/2022 - Detention Officer Arrested for Contraband

China Tucker arrested for Contraband

On May 5, 2022, Detention Officer China Tucker was booked into the jail on charges of aggravated trafficking of illegal drugs, acquiring proceeds from drug activity, distribution of controlled substance, and conspiracy to commit a felony. She was also terminated from her position.

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03/29/2022 - Citizen Advisory Board

Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority appoints citizen advisory board members

The Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority has named nine members to its Citizen Advisory Board. These individuals will act in an advisory role to assist the members of the OCCJA.

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03/28/2022 - Detainee Death

Revas Dustin (DOB 11/19/1995)

At approximately 2 a.m. on Monday, March 28, a detention officer performing site checks discovered an unresponsive detainee in a cell at the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

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03/22/2022 - Green Tag Fire System

Ronnie Aldrige Points To Green Tag On Fire Control System

Oklahoma County Detention Center now has a green tag fire system.

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03/16/2022 - Fast Track Booking

Fast Track Booking

Fast Track booking is a new time saving program for those who have a warrant and have secured a bond—This program aims to trim wait times down by several hours.

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03/11/2022 - Detainee Death

Charles Moore (DOB 11/31/1973)

At approximately 7:50 p.m. on Friday, March 11, detention staff opened one of the cells, and one of the two detainees inside was laying on a bunk and would not respond to the officer.

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03/11/2022 - Press Release Update

New Press Release Procedure

Starting March 14, 2022, all press releases from the Oklahoma County Detention Center Communications Department will now be posted to our website instead of mass emailing.

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02/26/2022 - Detainee Death

Andrew Avelar (DOB 11/17/1994)

At approximately 3:49 Saturday morning, a detention officer conducting routine site checks and pulling detainees to be released, discovered detainee Andrew Avelar unresponsive in his cell.

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02/15/2022 - Triple Cells

Triple Cells

The jail has 120 cells that meet state jail standards to hold three detainees. However, currently the jail is not housing more than two detainees per cell. This achievement impacts the overall safety and security of all detainees and staff.

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